Hi! I'm Alexis and I'm a web designer. I am proud to be part of the digital accessibility movement in Toronto.

The trifecta of universal web design by me:


Websites that make you happy

Design should support an organization's business goals. Good design should also provide some enjoyment during the user interaction. A simple sign-up, a seamless checkout, a quick path to a map on mobile; these are things that create happiness.

Eliminate frustration = Spread love


Over 10 Years of Accessibility Experience

The best way to ensure an inclusive user experience is to build a11y in from the beginning. Responsive design is now standard, and assistive technologies are now also included in the baseline of devices. When planning site architecture and menus, you must consider the user with cognitive impairments. By pruning text and testing the site organization for users with cognitive impairments, you will find that the clarity of the communication is improved for all users. You will reduce the burden of comprehension for all users, and that is a great win.

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There are easy improvements that can be achieved through retrofitting existing website code. Get in touch to find out more about ways to approach a11y on any budget.


Wordpress is the CMS for building and managing websites. It's free. It's easy to use. It's easy to extend. Wordpress is the best. Period.

(I feel kind of strongly about it)


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Thanks for stopping by! If you want to chat about accessibility please reach out.

hand coded with love by Alexis in 2016